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Personal Experience

After graduation from Delhi University in 1987. I started full-time theatre in Habib Tanvir Ji’s group NAYA THEATRE. I was in the repertory of Naya theatre from 1987 to 1992. In fact, I join the group in 1986 part-time.

I learned a lot from Habib Sahab during this time. At that time, I visited all over India for theatre. We showed play at Kolkata Festival, Prithvi Festival, Dibrugarh Festival, etc. On the Punjab Government initiative against terrorism, we showed a series of plays from Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, and Amritsar.

During that period, I also worked in Safdar Hashmi‘s group JANAM and SAHAMAT with Mala Hashmi. Play was “Mote Ram ka Satyagrah”. This play directed by Habib Sahab and I was doing lighting in that play. Jogi, Lavleen Mishra, and Nandita Das were the main cast.

I took a break in my creative journey from 1992 to 2001.

In this period, I was in Job as a chef in Le Meridien, Delhi and then start my own business of Restaurant. Around 1994, I started work on 286 computer and after that 386 then 486 and so on. This passion with computer is still with me.

I started Blogging in 1998 but income from Blogging starts after AdSense born in 2003. I started affiliate marketing in 2004 with CJ. During this time I develop the skill of web making. Today, I code the websites and app mainly on python. I started SEO in 2012 and Digital Marketing in 2015. During this period I also strated my film career in 2001 again.

In 2001, I learned acting from BERRY JOHN in Delhi. During 2002 – 2005, I came 2-3 times to Mumbai. In this period, I did some CD films on Delhi and Meerut’s sides.

In 2005, I done a Chattisgarhi film “Kari” as an associate director. That film is a milestone in Chattisgarhi cinema.

In 2006, I started my own production house named “STUDIO 10” in Meerut.

In 2010-11, I did my 2nd Chattisgarhi film “Mor Gaon”. That film was a successful film in the theatre.

In 2012, I came back to Mumbai and then start working on Hindi Feature Film “Bhanwari ka Jaal” as a writer, director. The producer was Mr. Ranjeet Sharma. Sudesh Berry, Kiran Kumar, Sadika Randhawa, Upasana Singh, Sunil Pal, VIP was in the film.

In 2016, I started FILMILOG ENTERTAINMENT and provide post-production services to filmmakers. I also work as a screenwriter. I completed 10 screenplays for other production houses.

During this period I have also done a Screenwriting Course and Visual Storytelling course from FTII (Film Training Institute of India), Pune.

I also started a YouTube Channel for helping new and young screenwriters and filmmakers in 2017.

I also completed 2 level of SUJOK Theropy in 2019.

Presently, I am working on my new script and one book.

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