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Professional screenwriter, editor, and filmmaker based in Mumbai and digital artist by hobby. Done 3 feature films and many short and ads film. Graduate from Delhi University. Screenwriting and Visual Story Telling from FTII, Pune. Freelancer and YouTuber.


A script is the backbone of the film. You can’t even start a movie without the script. As a screenwriter, my job is to visualize the film and record it on a document. Because everybody in film production depends upon it and makes a movie according to that document. Contact me for hire as screenwriter



Are you looking for a professional video editing service that can deliver in 24 hours? You came to the right place! I am able to figure out any kind of editing, just bring me the footage and Instructions, I’ll take care of everything.


Working stills of the shooting of some films. I have done almost every type of film. Very low-budget CD films to very high-budget feature films, short films, ads films, documentaries, music videos, etc. 


Filmmaking is my passion and I am an expert in budget filmmaking. As you know, filmmaking is an expansive affair. So, saving during the making of the film is a good idea. I started my journey in the era of roll camera and fastly adopt digital camera. 

Tutorials & Workshops

Filmmaking, Editing, Screenwriting is a creative work but in the modern era, so many technicalities also involve init. It’s better to upgrade yourself. You can join my workshops and I also upload videos of “how-to” and “tutorials” on YouTube.

Digital Paintings

Digital Painting on photoshop is my hobby. I make paintings usually on weekends. Presently I take it as a hobby. Maybe one day I make a painting for you. Maybe one day I become a professional digital painter also.

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Filmmaker and Screenwriter Rakesh Saini With Kiran Kumar

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I, always helping people in filmmaking. Hire me as a writer, editor, Director or digital artist.

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